Leo’s Baby Book



Week 30: Almost There!

I’m excited that in 7 weeks I will be considered full term and my baby could be born without being labeled a premie. Seven weeks! I can do that. I’m into my 3rd trimester now and feeling mostly great if a little achy. I’m okay with the aches and pains right now because I’m feeling my son move around which makes me happy. I sing to him badly and imagine that he absolutely loves it. My relationship with his mother has been tried but feels good right now. Does pregnancy test all relationships? I hope we pass. We are seeing the midwives every 2 weeks now. Kd loves Hannah the most but I like them all fine. We also started the prenatal classes at Meriter where I will labor and give birth. It was fun last week but the class is from 6pm – 9pm, which is fucking ridiculous IMO. Anyway, we had another ultrasound and I think he looks like me. I’ll try to find the picture and post it on this Blog. 


My Poor Baby

So, it’s technically week 9, and all is (sort of) well. These first few weeks have been pretty trying on Katie. She’s been in pain a whole lot and experiencing a lot of discomfort due to digestive related issues. All I can do for her is try to make it easier for her to follow the advice of those gone before us; eat small meals, drink lots of water and exercise. But, apparently a lot of this is just par for the course. Still, we’re trying a gluten-free diet in hopes that it will help some of the symptoms.Not really sure if that’s working yet. What I can say is that the morning sickness came really early this morning, although it does happen at random times throughout the day, making it strange to call it morning sickness.

I’m hoping that we have a healthy baby now, instead of just hoping for a boy (which would also be great). The most important thing to me is that my baby and our baby’s health and happiness. So far, it’s been interesting. I told my mom and John this weekend. Mom is super excited. So am I!!!


I told the family.

I told my brother right away because it was his app after all that was instrumental in getting me preggars. I decided not to tell anyone else until Thanksgiving when we’d all be together. That plan went out the window when I needed my mom. I was in pain and depressed. So I told my mom and then my sisters and finally my dad. Everyone took it well and I’ve been feeling a lot better. My family helped me to find optimism and excitement and somehow pride. I think I can do this.